Monday, 11/9 at NB Lounge

I have 2 more Mondays before I go to Japan.
Come join me and Tadataka for Monday Night Jazz at NB Lounge!

Monday, November 9
NB Lounge
from 7:30 PM to 11PM

Mamiko (vocal)
Tadataka Unno (piano)

111 E 56th Street
between Park and Lexington

No Cover, No Minimum


I had a strong craving of eating pizza from last night,
and the craving was continued until noon today.
I didn’t have energy to go down to Arturo’s by myself finishing a whole pie
(Oh, I miss Marianne so much!);
therefore, I ordered a small pizza from my neighborhood pizza place.

It was good.
It was joy.

I simply and honestly thanked whoever created pizza
(according to online source, the first pizza was made by Greek, not Italian!)
and whoever brought the recipe over to this continent….
and my neighborhood pizza guy who delivered it to me today:)

BTW, it’s already passed, but there is the day called
National Cheese Pizza Day in the US.
It celebrate Cheese Pizza, and is on September 5.
And there is National Pizza Week in the 2nd week of January.

I know. I know.
This is nothing to do with my gig tomorrow….