Monday NB (as Usual), Yuming Things & Thoughts

    Monday, February 22 *** This Monday ***
    NB Lounge at the Lombardy Hotel
    111 E 56th Street
    Between Park and Lexington Avenues

    From 7:30 PM to 11 PM (3 Sets)

    Mamiko Taira (vocal)
    Tadataka Unno (piano)

    No Cover, No Minimum

Don’t you hate when your mac is acting unstable? I guess my pirika (that’s my HD name on my mac book) is in over all OK, but CD/DVD drive is acting… a little moody (sigh). It worries me for WHAT IF situation, so I decided to create a backup of iTunes and some pictures. Creating iTune backup went fine. However, iPhoto backup was a bit problematic, and I was only able to create 1st disc… I may need to backup online in somewhere. Maybe, right?


On March 3, as I wrote in early blog entry (and an email blast I made in the beginning of February through my ML), 3 of my dear singer friends and I will have a special event at the Triad Theater in Upper West (72nd and Broadway vicinity). Here is a dedicated web site that has just created, and please check it out the detail of the event including the map, participating musicians’ bio, flyer, etc.. We will add more information in this week (hopefully if I can finish all charts writing on time!) Please stay tuned even after the event. Probably pictures will be uploaded :)


The funny thing I was made realized through this “Yuming Project” was that I can feel an unsaid expectation from the people that I should be fine with singing Japanese lyrics and memorizing them because I am Japanese – obviously. I thought, too, at the beginning. However, it isn’t. Trust me.

It made me so confused and is giving me a hard time particularly how to make things groove with Japanese. I used to sing Japanese songs up to maybe… 18 or 19 years old and didn’t have much of an opinion in rhythm and lyric directly associated to the language itself (in other words, I was careless about it because singing in Japanese was natural thing to me.) Ever since I stopped singing Japanese songs excluding Karaoke in rare occasions and soaked myself in English songs and its language, I most likely lost the handling of Japanese words on music because of that. (I mean I can sing still, but you know… I’m not an expert anymore – that’s what I meant – compared to those who sings only Japanese songs.)

It is challenging, but fun to rediscover my first language and make it musical stylized with my own way in current. I believe I won’t be able to bring back the way I used sing in my teens, but instead, I now have a new perspective, the new way of digesting Japanese language. And I think it’s absolutely fine and almost like accepting myself as is (sounds like being on therapy of some sort!).

Blah, blah, blah…

Anyhow, I am very excited to do this event with Nabuko, Erika, and Akemi as well as Toru, Satoshi, and Noriko. We are receiving pretty good reaction from people including musicians who wanted to be a part of (but they couldn’t in various reasons). We can see many people are really excited as we are! I think it is so nice to have an event like this because it enriches our souls and musicianship.

BTW, about the show… There is no advance ticket to this show sold at the box office. It is “first come, first served” basis and the charge is collected anytime after 9:30PM of the day of event, March 3. Therefore, don’t bother calling the Triad’s box office!

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