Monday at NB Lounge, Wednesday at Tomi Jazz

Just because I sent out emails on my mailing list
about this coming Wednesday’s gig at Tomi Jazz,
that doesn’t mean I forgot about my NB Monday.
Because I am listening to Yuming to learn songs for the event on July 7th,
that doesn’t make me forget about my Monday either.

Monday is Monday,
but with the Music, Monday is always special…

Monday, June 20
8PM to 11PM

at NB Lounge
on E56th St bet Park and Lex
(a part of the Lombardy Hotel)
New York, NY 10022

    Mamiko Taira (vocal)
    Toru Dodo (piano)

No Cover, No Minimum

Then, Wednesday, the 22nd.
According to the weather news, this week is filled with rainy days.
Wednesday isn’t the exception – sadly.
I am really, really hoping the miracle will bring the clear night for us.

Wednesday, June 22
from 9PM to 11:30PM

at Tomi Jazz
on 239 E 53rd St bet 2nd 3rd Avenues
(at the lower level)
New York, NY 10022

    Mamiko Taira (vocal)
    Toru Dodo (piano)
    Steve Whipple (bass)
    Tomoaki Kanno (drums)

$10 cover, $10 minimum

Lastly, but kind of important news…

Today, on Monday, June 20, the ADVANCE TICKETS for Yuming Things 2
goes on sale from 9AM EDT at the following website.
When you buy it in advance, you will save $5.
Each show is $10 in advance.

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