See you at Lanza’s on Wednesday, January 20!

On Wed, January 15, my first album, “and it begins” released back in 2012
will relaunch, and go on sale through online retailers like Amazon, iTunes, etc.
Amazon has already put up pre-order link. If you are interested, please! please!
I don’t think iTunes is ready yet, but will update when I find it!

[ Pre-order]

Now, my first 2016 gig is coming up right after album relaunch.
Please join me, Toru and Steve at Lanza’s on Wednesday, January 20.
I would love to have you with us to celebrate the post-album relaunch
and my birthday (few days early!).
Lanza’s serves a wonderful Italian dishes and we serve you the music.

lanzas 20JAN2016 2.3MB

… and one more!
Enjoy the clip from the last Japan tour :)

or you can enjoy all of my current videos via YouTube Play List :-)

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