👋 Sheep or Sheeps? – appendix for clubhouse profile

Sheep or sheeps?
Why in the world she’s using sheep in plural?
(Is she stupid?) – perhaps?
Thank you for your interest.
Here is the context to satisfy your curiosity…

I’m Japanese (born in Japan, raised in Japan up to the age 20). In my native language, sheep is countable individually. Sheep can be a group, but they are countable. “Sheeps” never renounced as “sheep” as to be in a singular form. It’s much natural to me to count sheep as we count other animals. I can’t help it! Cheers to individuality, cheers to being unique ;)

Upon joining in Clubhouse, I have created a new podcast program in cooperating with this alias taking “a” sheep as “a song,” and it showcases 9 songs weekly. *Ah-ha!* 9 sheeps = 9 songs. We count songs, don’t we?

Thank you for listening.
Thank you for supporting live music and jazz.