Upcoming Gigs – March & April 2016

Happy whatever day! – Just wanted to say… Thought it may help to clear this gloomy rain days.

I just have realized Feb is almost over (feels short, yes?)
Let me update you my upcoming gigs. Flyers to follow!

Saturday, March 19
from 10PM to 12AM
B Flat (Tribeca)
277 Church St bet. White & Franklin
tel 212 219 2970

Mamiko 3:
Nobuki Takamen (guitar)
Steve Whipple (bass)
Mamiko Taira (vocal)

I’m quite excited to perform in this Tribeca’s own hideaway. Great drinks, food, people, atmosphere, and of course the location! No music charge. Just bring yourself after dinner or perhaps after a couple of sets in different jazz clubs. Subway 1 at Franklin St Sta. is the closest, but A, C, E, and R at Canal St Stations are also in walking distance.

Wednesday, April 13
from 8PM to 10:30PM
Lanza’s (East Village)
168 First Avenue, near North-East corner of E10th
tel 212 674 7014

Mamiko 2:
Nobuki Takamen (guitar)
Mamiko Taira (vocal)

It’s now my 5th time performing at Lanza’s Jazz Dinner stage. For this time, Nobuki and I will go with DUO. A $29.95 music & dinner package still beats almost of all jazz venues in the area – with music, 3-course prix fixe and a glass of wine… C’mon! What would you call this if this isn’t a deal??? It’s an instant gratification that works on both of your appetite and mind :)

See you at Lanza’s on Wednesday, January 20!

On Wed, January 15, my first album, “and it begins” released back in 2012
will relaunch, and go on sale through online retailers like Amazon, iTunes, etc.
Amazon has already put up pre-order link. If you are interested, please! please!
I don’t think iTunes is ready yet, but will update when I find it!

[Amazon.com Pre-order]

Now, my first 2016 gig is coming up right after album relaunch.
Please join me, Toru and Steve at Lanza’s on Wednesday, January 20.
I would love to have you with us to celebrate the post-album relaunch
and my birthday (few days early!).
Lanza’s serves a wonderful Italian dishes and we serve you the music.

lanzas 20JAN2016 2.3MB

… and one more!
Enjoy the clip from the last Japan tour :)

or you can enjoy all of my current videos via YouTube Play List :-)


This Wed, 6/24 : MAMIKO 3 at Lanza’s

flyer 06242015 Lanzas

I’m getting more and more excited as the date gets closer thinking about upcoming Wednesday’s gig at Lanza’s with Toru and Steve. Simply we haven’t played together quite a while, and I missed them so much! It will be a fun evening – I guarantee.

To give you a heads-up, I will bring my new album, Heart’s Calling. (I have even set up my Square credit card reader, and now can accept both cash and credit card for your payment. How about that?)

Now, here are some background of Wednesday performance that you might be curious to know:

This performance is a part of “Wednesday Jazz Dinner” series curated by Ms. Yuko Ito and presented by Lanza’s. MAMIKO 3 will be the 3rd program they are putting together. It’s a casual dinner show consists of music and dinner in one package, $29.95. This covers music, 1 appetizer, 1 entree, and 1 drink. (I just stopped by the other day, and had a meal there. You are going to have a hearty, Italian meal and your choice of beverage – wine, beer or champagne. I couldn’t finish my entree and ended up taking home!)

dinner sample

Lanza’s is a small Italian restaurant nestles in East Village with a rich history of Manhattan and Italian immigrants. The place was established back in 1904 and is renowned for one of the oldest restaurants in Manhattan. They serve authentic Italian-American classic dishes in Southern Italian flair. If you are one of those flick fans or Woody Allen fanatics, Lanza’s is a featured location in the movie, “Manhattan Murder Mystery.” (check out #4 in this site.)

BTW… mozzarella cheese was served in a perfect room temperature, the way it should be served. It’s always nice to be able to invite you when the music and food are both tasty – you know what I mean? See you on Wednesday, the 24th!

Wednesday, June 24
JAZZ DINNER at LANZA’S (East Village)
168 First Avenue, New York, NY 10009

1st set: 8:30-9:30PM
2nd set: 10:00-11:00PM

Mamiko Taira (vocal)
Toru Dodo (keyboard)
Steve Whipple (bass)

$29.95 includes Music cover and Pre-fix (1 “generous” drink, 1 appetizer, 1 entree)

Special Note from Lanza’s:
Lanza’s appreciates your patronage, and accepts credit cards for the table bill over $45.

久しぶりにMAMIKO 3のライブのお知らせ

flyer 06242015 Lanzas