Just letting you know…

On next Thursday, April 26, Bonz Satoh 4 will be at G-Bar from 6PM to 10PM with 3 sets, no over nor minimum.

G-Bar is located on 579 Grand Concourse by 149th St & Grand Concourse Station of subway 2, 4, and 5. It’s literally “a minute” walk from subway exits. G-Bar’s entrance is facing Grand Concourse next to Haagen-Dazs. (Also you can enter from Giovanni’s Restaurant’s doors on 150th or Grand Concourse.)

Members are Bonz Satoh on sax, Akiko Tsuruga on org, Luciana Padmore on drums, and yours truly on vocal. We have been playing together from the last year (and Akiko and Luciana play together a lot in a different group as well.) Playing with them is always a pleasure to me. It may be a bit of travel to get to Bronx from where you live, but please think about it. 3 charming ladies (wink! wink!) and 1 gent. Perhaps it’s a bit unusual, but I assure you that you will be glad that you came out…

    Thursday, April 26
    from 6PM to 10PM

    Bonz Satoh 4 at G-Bar

    No Cover, No Minimum
    Family Italian fare!

    Bonz Satoh (sax)
    Akiko Tsuruga (org)
    Luciana Padmore (drs)
    and Mamiko Taira (voc)

    579 Grand Concourse, Bronx, NY 10451
    (Subway 2/4/5 OR Bus BX19
    at 149th St & Grand Concourse Station)




Yuming Things 2

Bronxと言っても、かなり南端、East Harlemに隣接しているエリアなので、


Wedenesday, July 6
Bonz Satoh 4

at G-Bar
579 Grand Concourse,
Bronx, NY

from 6PM to 10PM

    Bonz Satoh (sax)
    Toru Dodo (key)
    Luciana Padmore (drums)
    Mamiko Taira (vocal)

No Cover, No Minimum

そして!Yuming Things 2いよいよ明日です。

April Schedule (and few lines of blah x3)

Before we close the third chapter of 2011,
I have one more date at NB Lounge.
How can I skip this and go on?

The very last Monday of March, on the 28th, NB Lounge will have
Art Hirahara on piano and yours truly, Mamiko on vocal.
My famous “Pray for Japan Tip Jar” continues throughout the month of March,
and the 28th isn’t the exception. All your tip jar proceeds will be donated to
Japan Disaster Relief Fund (The first 2 weeks’ donation was sent to
GlobalGiving – FYI).

    Monday, March 28
    at NB Lounge
    from 7:30 PM to 11:00 PM

    No Cover/No Minimum

    NB Lounge at the Lombardy Hotel
    111 E56th Street
    (bet Park and Lex)
    New York, NY 10022

OK. Now, let’s talk about my April schedule.

In the first weekend of April,
Saturday, April 2nd at At Central Park Naumburg Bandshell.
I will be performing with Toru as part of this Japan relief charity event,
Hand in Hand Project ~for Japan~.”
We are thinking of doing Japanese songs. (yay!)

Also, in the same event, our good friends,
Mari Koga and Chiemi Nakai will perform as well
(They will be billed as “Afronaughtica.”)
On one fine day, at one fine event in the park,
we gather together for a great cause.
Please join us at Central Park Naumburg Bandshell on
Saturday, the 2nd.

    Saturday, April 2
    Hand in Hand Project ~for Japan~
    @ At Central Park Naumburg Bandshell (Mid-Park from 66th to 72nd Streets)
    from 12 (noon) to 3PM

    (Contemporary Afro-Cuban & Jazz Unit by Chiemi Nakai & Mari Koga)
    Kenichi Ebina
    Mamiko Taira + Toru Dodo
    (Jazz Duo)

    Monday, April 4
    @ NB Lounge from 7:30 PM to 11PM
    with Yoshi Waki (bass)

    Wednesday, April 6
    @ G-Bar
    from 6 PM to 10 PM
    579 Grand Concourse, Bronx, NY 10451

    Bonz Satoh (sax),
    Akiko Tsuruga (organ),
    Luciana Padmore (drums),
    Mamiko Taira (vocal)

    Monday, April 11
    @ NB Lounge from 7:30 PM to 11PM
    with Art Hirahara (piano)

    Monday, April 18
    @ NB Lounge from 7:30 PM to 11PM
    with Toru Dodo (piano)

    Monday, April 25
    @ NB Lounge from 7:30 PM to 11PM
    with Toru Dodo (piano)

NB Lounge is located on
111 E56th Street
(between Park and Lexington Avenues)
New York, NY 10022
No Cover, No Minimum

Almost Spring,
almost April,
and almost weekend.
A vague line of “is” and “almost,”
its distance looks closer than we see
and farther than we feel.
This morning’s snow might be your sigh, Winter.
The sigh makes us feel guilty, and
remind us how much we tried to love you, but we couldn’t.
Don’t be sad, Winter.
You surely will come back and stay with us…