Goodbye, NB Lounge – It’s just like that

Almost 2 years and a half. Just like that.
My time to graduate from the lounge came anticipated with the lounge’s
long vacation (in other words, the closure.)
I believe there’s nothing permanent, and things are always moving forward.
This is a part of “that” stream.

I had so much fun at this place, and learned a lot.
I really want to thank everyone who came out and supported the music.
And of course, I must thank all the people who performed there with me,
especially, Toru, who went through many things with me.
I really appreciate your musical and mental support :)

Now, what’s on my plate?

My August now is dedicated to preparation of my recording scheduled in the end of September. Which will be a sort of comprehensive collection of Mamiko-Toru Duo’s work built in these years. I am very excited about this and hoping I can release it in Spring of 2012.

Also, my quartet will be back in Tomi Jazz in the 3rd week of September. It’s the same group as you’ve experienced back in June (Toru, Steve, and Tomo). That’s another fun thing awaits in this Fall.

Speaking of Fall, I will be in Japan in November, and the schedule is almost filled. I am so much looking forward to see people in Japan. In this year, I will feature Jun Furuya on piano (as of now, 3 gigs are with him). FYI, I didn’t forget to book a duo gig with Satoshi (how can I skip that!?) Say… the Party’s ON!

If you haven’t left your email at my mailing list, that’s the best way to find out where I am playing for the next. (You can’t show up at NB and ask me in person anymore!) Please drop your email address at

August/September Schedule

Maybe I am addicted to NY1. Being addicted may not be a perfect word… but for now, I will take it ‘cos it works. Keeping cable plan just to feed my NY1 urge is my big question on my monthly household budget. To be precise, just to keep myself available in the morning for Pat and Roger, I am paying easily $60 or more monthly – and checking the weather included. I guess it’s $2 per day if I converts it to daily. $2 a day. I can’t even judge if $2 a day is luxe or not (haha!). I guess again I am going to keep you, Pat and Roger for this month and accept myself being one of many NY1 addicts…

Speaking of weather, this Monday, the 8th has a sunny mark on the forecast. No rain on Monday is totally welcomed by NB Lounge! Despite we have still no piano at the lounge, we continue our music from 8PM – 11PM (I appreciate Toru’s effort for bringing his keyboard!) As usual, there’s no cover charge nor minimum. Please join us, grab your fav. drink, and chill.

Monday, August 8
at NB Lounge

    Mamiko Taira (vocal)
    Toru Dodo (keys)

NB Lounge at the Lombardy Hotel
from 8PM to 11PM

111 E56th Street
(bet. Park and Lex)
New York, NY 10022

Just a heads-up for September…

I will be back to Tomi Jazz on Wednesday, September 21 with the same band from the last June, Toru Dodo on piano, Steve Whipple on bass, and Tomoaki Kanno on drums. I have a really good feeling about performing in quartet, and want to seek more opportunities along with my other projects. Your support showing up at Tomi Jazz, for instance, means a lot to me. Please mark your calendar on 9/21, and continue your support not just for Mamiko 4 and “live jazz” in New York.

Big Thank You & Monday Shout-Out

Oh, what a night it was!
I had a great time on the last Wednesday at Tomi Jazz.
It was nice to see you all, and appreciate your support deeply!
I hope I can bring the group back sometimes in early Fall
– that’s what I am planning, seeking, and… all those stuff.


Today is Monday, the last Monday of June.
My NB Monday is still here – safe and sound.
Come to hear us at NB Lounge.
Toru and I, will be there from 8PM to 11PM.
We will feed our music to your soul,
and Taralynne, the lady, will quench your thirst.

Monday, June 27
at NB Lounge
from 8PM to 11PM

    Mamiko Taira (vocal)
    Toru Dodo (piano)

    No Cover/No Minimum

NB Lounge at the Lombardy
111 E56th Street
(bet Park and Lex)
New York, NY 10022

FYI, the next Monday, July 4th is no Music in NB Lounge.
If you miss us tonight, you won’t have us until… Monday, July 11.
Now, that’s a good reason to come out tonight. Yes?

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Are you interested to be on my mailing list?
I send out emails twice a month in average.
Please add your email at the website below if you’re interested :)

Monday at NB Lounge, Wednesday at Tomi Jazz

Just because I sent out emails on my mailing list
about this coming Wednesday’s gig at Tomi Jazz,
that doesn’t mean I forgot about my NB Monday.
Because I am listening to Yuming to learn songs for the event on July 7th,
that doesn’t make me forget about my Monday either.

Monday is Monday,
but with the Music, Monday is always special…

Monday, June 20
8PM to 11PM

at NB Lounge
on E56th St bet Park and Lex
(a part of the Lombardy Hotel)
New York, NY 10022

    Mamiko Taira (vocal)
    Toru Dodo (piano)

No Cover, No Minimum

Then, Wednesday, the 22nd.
According to the weather news, this week is filled with rainy days.
Wednesday isn’t the exception – sadly.
I am really, really hoping the miracle will bring the clear night for us.

Wednesday, June 22
from 9PM to 11:30PM

at Tomi Jazz
on 239 E 53rd St bet 2nd 3rd Avenues
(at the lower level)
New York, NY 10022

    Mamiko Taira (vocal)
    Toru Dodo (piano)
    Steve Whipple (bass)
    Tomoaki Kanno (drums)

$10 cover, $10 minimum

Lastly, but kind of important news…

Today, on Monday, June 20, the ADVANCE TICKETS for Yuming Things 2
goes on sale from 9AM EDT at the following website.
When you buy it in advance, you will save $5.
Each show is $10 in advance.

June Schedule

June and July look like a kind of
“mentally and musically occupied months” to be – at least in my book.
A handful of great surprises awaits…

For tomorrow, Wednesday, June 1, Bonz Satoh Quartet kicks off the month of June right (every first Wednesday of the month). “G-Bar” is a Bronx local favorite harmoniously neighbors next to East Harlem across the river, and it is a part of an Italian Restaurant, Giovanni’s. You can take 2, 4, or 5 trains and get off at 149th St & Grand Concourse. Or take a cross town bus, M 19 from West/East Harlem if you are an uptowner. Bonz Satoh 4 is Bonz Satoh on Sax, Akiko Tsuruga on Organ, Luciana Padmore on drums, and Mamiko Taira on vocal.

Monday Jazz at NB Lounge runs from 8PM till 11PM on every Monday, and my regular pianist Toru Dodo will be here the entire month of June except Monday, June 13. I am positive he will be away often in Summer like any other Summer, so be sure to catch us together in June.

Who’s going to play for the 13th? For now, I am undecided, and I may even consider doing solo gig on that day just for fun. (how unusual the occasion would be?) Please come back to this site to check to see if I made up my mind doing it or got someone for that day. OR you will be notified if you add yourself to my mailing list :) Drop me a line:

Fanfare, please!

On Wednesday, June 22, I will be at Tomi Jazz from 9-11:30PM. For this time, 3 outstanding musicians are with me: Toru Dodo on piano, Steve Whipple on bass, and Tomoaki Kanno on drums. It is a great pleasure to work with them, and I am looking forward to playing at Tomi Jazz.

Besides I had performed in Japan in last year, I haven’t present any performance in my own quartet setting. I believe the last time I had my leader quatert gig in the US was… 2 years ago. It’s about a time, isn’t it? I think so, too.

AND a sneak blurb…

In last year, 2010, on March 3, Yuming Things were held at the Triad Theater presented 16 musical gems from Yumi Matsutoya songbook performed by 4 jazz singers backed with the finest Japanese jazz men in New York. It was a great success that gave us overwhelming responses from audiences to musicians. I, as the project lead, couldn’t decide if this show should give one more shot as the series or just leave it as one time only deal. I gave a lot of thought and decided to do it again, and for this time, I will go with a simple and small, but mighty quartet to deliver our acoustic rendition of Yumi (Arai) Matsutoya music teamed up with Senri Oe as a musical collaborator and Hiroshi Kono of Mar Creation as a production collaborator. In addition, we’ll have Yoshi Waki on bass and Yutaka Uchida on drums to complete the band.

I would like you to mark your calendar on Thursday, July 7 from 7 to 11. More details to come. Please stay tuned. This year’s Tanabata is going to be very special…

June 2011

    Mondays, June 6, 20, and 27
    @NB Lounge from 8PM to 11PM
    with Toru Dodo (piano)

    Monday, June 13
    @NB Lounge from 8PM to 11PM
    * I may end up doing Solo. Let’s see…

    111 E56th Street
    (between Park and Lexington Avenues)
    New York, NY 10022
    No Cover, No Minimum

    Wednesday, June 22
    @ Tomi Jazz from 9PM to 11:30PM
    239 East 53rd Street, Lower Level
    (Bet 2nd and 3rd Avenue)
    New York, NY 10022

    Mamiko Taira (vocal)
    Toru Dodo (piano)
    Steve Whipple (bass)
    and Tomoaki Kanno (drums)

Never Let Me Go (2006) Mamiko in Duo

Never Let Me Go (2003) Mamiko in Duo < Click the link! Recorded and Mastered at Bennett Studios

古いデモを聞き返す、自分的流行は未だ廃れず、今日はNever Let Me Goを。




最初に録音したデモで、どどさんと録ったToo Late Now。
懐かしいなー。Too Late Nowも、そのうち、ここで公開しようと思ってるので、

皆さん、雨宿りがてら、今度の月曜日はNB Loungeへ。

    Monday, May 16
    @NB Lounge
    111 E56th Street
    (bet Park and Lexington)
    New York, NY 10022

    8PM to 11PM

    No Cover, No Minimum

April Schedule (and few lines of blah x3)

Before we close the third chapter of 2011,
I have one more date at NB Lounge.
How can I skip this and go on?

The very last Monday of March, on the 28th, NB Lounge will have
Art Hirahara on piano and yours truly, Mamiko on vocal.
My famous “Pray for Japan Tip Jar” continues throughout the month of March,
and the 28th isn’t the exception. All your tip jar proceeds will be donated to
Japan Disaster Relief Fund (The first 2 weeks’ donation was sent to
GlobalGiving – FYI).

    Monday, March 28
    at NB Lounge
    from 7:30 PM to 11:00 PM

    No Cover/No Minimum

    NB Lounge at the Lombardy Hotel
    111 E56th Street
    (bet Park and Lex)
    New York, NY 10022

OK. Now, let’s talk about my April schedule.

In the first weekend of April,
Saturday, April 2nd at At Central Park Naumburg Bandshell.
I will be performing with Toru as part of this Japan relief charity event,
Hand in Hand Project ~for Japan~.”
We are thinking of doing Japanese songs. (yay!)

Also, in the same event, our good friends,
Mari Koga and Chiemi Nakai will perform as well
(They will be billed as “Afronaughtica.”)
On one fine day, at one fine event in the park,
we gather together for a great cause.
Please join us at Central Park Naumburg Bandshell on
Saturday, the 2nd.

    Saturday, April 2
    Hand in Hand Project ~for Japan~
    @ At Central Park Naumburg Bandshell (Mid-Park from 66th to 72nd Streets)
    from 12 (noon) to 3PM

    (Contemporary Afro-Cuban & Jazz Unit by Chiemi Nakai & Mari Koga)
    Kenichi Ebina
    Mamiko Taira + Toru Dodo
    (Jazz Duo)

    Monday, April 4
    @ NB Lounge from 7:30 PM to 11PM
    with Yoshi Waki (bass)

    Wednesday, April 6
    @ G-Bar
    from 6 PM to 10 PM
    579 Grand Concourse, Bronx, NY 10451

    Bonz Satoh (sax),
    Akiko Tsuruga (organ),
    Luciana Padmore (drums),
    Mamiko Taira (vocal)

    Monday, April 11
    @ NB Lounge from 7:30 PM to 11PM
    with Art Hirahara (piano)

    Monday, April 18
    @ NB Lounge from 7:30 PM to 11PM
    with Toru Dodo (piano)

    Monday, April 25
    @ NB Lounge from 7:30 PM to 11PM
    with Toru Dodo (piano)

NB Lounge is located on
111 E56th Street
(between Park and Lexington Avenues)
New York, NY 10022
No Cover, No Minimum

Almost Spring,
almost April,
and almost weekend.
A vague line of “is” and “almost,”
its distance looks closer than we see
and farther than we feel.
This morning’s snow might be your sigh, Winter.
The sigh makes us feel guilty, and
remind us how much we tried to love you, but we couldn’t.
Don’t be sad, Winter.
You surely will come back and stay with us…


数日前にアップした英語のブログエントリーのBlack Coffeeに引き続き、
おまけ音源の第二弾、Cloese to Youです。


その映像、二人でClose to Youを演奏しているものなんですが、

Close to you、どうぞお楽しみください。

Close to You (Click the title to play!)
Mamiko Taira with Satoshi Inoue (recorded at Alfie, Fall in 2010)


    Monday, February 28
    from 7:30 to 11 PM
    at NB Lounge

    No Cover, No Minimum

    NB Lounge at the Lombardy Hotel
    111 E56th Street
    between Park and Lexington Avenues
    New York, NY 10022

3月7日、21日の月曜日はSenri Oeさん、
3月14日、28日の月曜日はArt Hiraharaさん、


Monday, 2/27 and “Black Coffee” from 2009

This Monday, the 27th, I will be at NB Lounge from 7:30 to 11. 2 weeks in a row, I will have Nobuki on guitar. If you haven’t heard of his playing or haven’t play together yet (for my fellow singer friends), I urge you to check his playing. That’s all I want to say, and that’s all I need to say. Swing with us :)

Monday, February 27
from 7:30 PM to 11PM
@ NB Lounge

    Mamiko Taira (vocal)
    Nobuki Takamen (guitar)

    No Cover, No Minimum
    (yes! Monday is still enforcing No Cover/Minimum policy!)

NB Lounge at the Lombardy Hotel
111 E56th St
between Park and Lexington Avenues
New York, NY 10022

Love and hate relationship of seeing myself on any sort of media including videos and photos and all those “mirror-ish” act is always right “THERE” in my face as long as I engage in performing arts. It is totally unavoidable. Sometimes, I accept them OK. Sometimes, I can’t stand what I do in these things how stupid I sound or look and regretted for the fact I was in it – then, I hear the echoing, haunting melody of Carol King… “baby, it’s too…”

This sound clip is ripped from the video recorded on one of the gig in Japan. The video isn’t too bad, but I wasn’t sure if it’s worth showing (haha!). However, what I sang wasn’t superb or spectacular, but… what can I say… wasn’t too bad. I admit I enjoyed listening to it even today (this was from 2009? Yes? Maybe). I particularly surprised by the attitude I was able to present or capture (the attitude – the secret ingredient to make things happen if you can use it right. AND that is probably the biggest thing I have learned in the college from D.J.)

Will you share the moment with me? Here’s black coffee:

Black Coffee (click the title!)

Reminder: No MAMIKO Today at NB (2/14/2011)

This is just a friendly reminder to my supporters: I won’t be at NB Lounge tonight, 2/14.

I kept apologizing in the past few days (lol), but let me repeat…
I am so sorry! AND I truly appreciate your thoughtful messages
and the kindest remarks regarding this schedule change.
I cannot thank enough, and your support means so much to me.

I will be back in the lounge on Monday, February 21 with Nobuki on guitar.
Please come back and show your lovely face to us. I will sing my heart out!

My March schedule is now up. The March will rotate two different duos:
Art/Mamiko and Senri/Mamiko duo. It’ll be a good month :)


    What I do is what I love.
    I do it because I love it.
    I want to be honest musically as well as personally.


    These are key ingredients of who I am.

    Happy Valentine’s Day.


    Monday, February 21
    from 7:30 PM to 11PM
    @ NB Lounge

    Mamiko Taira (vocal)
    Nobuki Takamen (guitar)

    Monday, February 28
    from 7:30 PM to 11PM
    @ NB Lounge

    Mamiko Taira (vocal)
    Nobuki Takamen (guitar)

    Monday, March 7
    from 7:30 PM to 11PM
    @ NB Lounge

    Mamiko Taira (vocal)
    Senri Oe (piano)

    Monday, March 14
    from 7:30 PM to 11PM
    @ NB Lounge

    Mamiko Taira (vocal)
    Art Hirahara (piano)

    Monday, March 21
    from 7:30 PM to 11PM
    @ NB Lounge

    Mamiko Taira (vocal)
    Senri Oe (piano)

    Monday, March 28
    from 7:30 PM to 11PM
    @ NB Lounge

    Mamiko Taira (vocal)
    Art Hirahara (piano)

NB Lounge at the Lombardy Hotel
111 E56th Street
(bet Park and Lexington)
New York, NY 10022

No Cover, No Minimum

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